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Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

I find Eddie Collins as a skilled professional. Eddie provided helpful feedback, asked me reflective questions that helped me look at myself, my thinking and behaviors, differently, assisting me improve my life decisions, resulting in better days. I felt like Eddie understood me and guided me with action based behaviors in the time between sessions. Eddie followed up with me and helped close the circle concerning an identified issue. Eddie helped me get through a difficult time while providing me with lasting problem solving techniques. I highly recommend Eddie!

Mary F

Mr. Collins actively listens and gives me time to express my feelings. Never have I felt judged, which allows me to open up more on what I am thinking. He helps me to understand that I must focus on positivity and not to dwell on negative energy. I am learning more about myself and appreciate the sessions, which leave me enlightened and strengthened.

Dallisa M

Mr Collins is professional and takes time to listen to my issues. He makes sure to motivate me during each session to improve my mental health.!

Shaneeka C

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